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News from Voyages in Provence
Marseille European cultural capital of 2013
Monday, 18 February 2013
The city of Marseille is proud to be ‘the chosen’ for being this year’s European cultural capital.  As a result of this wonderful event,   many exhibitions, musical, theatrical and specific historical venues have been planned. ( contact the local tourist board for venues of the season).

The city is an easy gateway for those of you who would like to enjoy this year’s venues. The airport is easy to reach from any direction. Its size is big enough to be called an international airport and small enough for easy traveling.  Equally the TGV train from Paris to Marseille takes approx. 3 hours and the journey is comfortable as you speed through the French country side down south to la belle Provence Marseille, which is one of the largest cities in France, is located in the Bouches du Rhone region of Provence.
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Truffle time has arrived in Provence
Wednesday, 02 January 2013
Between December and March, which is the season for truffle hunting, local truffle markets are abundant. The weekly Friday morning market in Carpentras, is no exception. In order to witness such transactions, one must rise early to experience ‘the truffle exchange in business”, currently priced at € 320.00 for one kilo of truffles. The market usually takes place as of 7.30am.
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Aigues Mortes
Wednesday, 28 November 2012
In the western corner of Camargue, also referred to as ‘petite Camargue, we find the walled city of Aigues Mortes. This historic town was the embarkation point of the 7th and 8th crusaded to the Holy Land which took place respectively in 1248 and 1270. Aigues Mortes was the only port in the Mediterranean area and consequently became the embarkation point of these most important pilgrimages. It was Louis IX of France, better known as Saint Louis, who, in the 13th century, was responsible of the construction of the only port in the area.

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Beaujolais Nouveau, Burgundy and the city of Beaune
Sunday, 11 November 2012
As the annual Beaujolais Nouveau party takes place at many French American chambers of Commerce throughout the USA during the second weekend of November( Atlanta, November 16th) by exception, I would like to add a few words about the Beaujolais wine, the region of Burgundy and the charming city of Beaune instead of talking about Provence.   

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Orange, a city of many colors
Wednesday, 24 October 2012
When talking about ‘Orange’ does the color, a communication network organization or even a juicy fruit come into your mind?   Or does a city called ‘Orange’ drop into your thoughts?

Yes, the city of Orange is a site not to be missed when you visit Provence.  It is located about 15 minutes west of the Papal city of Avignon, a city known also for its famous bridge (sur le pont d’Avignon) and its summer festival of theatre and music. When talking about festivals, Orange is not to be sneezed at, to say the least.
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La Coste: a village not to be ignored.
Monday, 15 October 2012
The quaint village of la Coste is located between Bonnieux and Menebres in the Luberon National Park in the Provencal region of Vaucluse. This ancient site is built on the slopes of a limestone mountain range and enjoys unsurpassed views of the area. The soft light-colored limestone houses give the village an extraordinary appearance from afar.  Most of its 450 local inhabitants make their living from agricultural activities. It is not difficult to see why? When looking down into the valley, olive trees and vineyards span the crown throughout the land.
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St. Remy de Provence and les Baux de Provence
Thursday, 04 October 2012
The quaint villages of St. Remy de Provence and les Baux de Provence are located in the heart of the Alpilles (translated into ‘little alps’) in the Bouches de Rhone region in Provence.

St. Remy with its ramparts, delightful squares and winding alleyways dates back to 600BC. Most certainly increase of  popularity of the area was due to the fact that a so called healing spring was found during the 2nd century BC.  The area was conquered by the Romans in 60BC and took the name of Glanum. The magnificence of this Roman market town can clearly been confirmed when one wanders through the impressive excavated site dating back to the Roman era.  The Romans ruled in the area until about 260 AD when the Barbarians invaded and took over.
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Thursday, 20 September 2012

The village of Lourmarin is supposed to be one of the most beautiful villages in France. (un des plus beaux villages en France!)

It is located on the southern slopes of the Luberon National Park just over the hill from Bonnieux which equally is classified as one of the loveliest villages in France.  The drive from Bonnieux to Lourmarin is truly a wonderful experience not only for the eye and also for the camera!  After having had one more glance at Bonnieux before the road curves, the climb to the summit of the hill, which is also the border between the northern and southern slopes of the Luberon National park, is easy. After having reached the top of the hill, you will notice an immediate change in scenery. Here prehistoric rocks appear as you wind  down the road towards what is supposed to be the bottom of  a gorge or canyon. The sight of the area you are entering is awe inspiring as ancient cliffs surround you and you may well feel like a drop in an ocean as the surroundings are so impressive.   The immense beauty of this region needs to be seen to be believed.  If you are so lucky to be in the area then please treat yourself and take the drive from Bonnieux to Lourmarin via the mountain pass (and not via Apt, which is the alternative route)

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Festival time in Avignon, July 2013
Wednesday, 05 September 2012
The ‘biggest theater in the world’,( le plus grand theatre du monde)  the Off festival in Avignon, is in full swing once again.  This is the 47th year that the city of Avignon parties through the month of July with its many theatrical performances be it in the form of music, theater, dance, mime or acrobats.  There is a vast choice to choose from for every age, from toddler to old age pensioner, as well as for every linguistic tongue.
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Bastille Day 2012 has come and gone
Wednesday, 05 September 2012
Bastille Day 2012 has come and gone.  For the unlucky ones, this year this important Fete National fell on a Saturday which meant no additional free day for those in full employment. 

 In France Bastille day, or as we would say the French National day, is celebrated each year on the 14th July. It commemorates the storming of the Bastille on that day in 1789. This victory represents the end of the reign of the House of Bourbon, at that time with Louis XVI and the Austrian born Marie Antoinette at its reign.
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Weather pattern in Provence… vive le Mistral?!
Wednesday, 05 September 2012
For those of you who follow the weather pattern in Southern France, you possibly are aware that the months of April and May are usually delightful, weather wise. Temps reach the mid 70s F. it is delightful! In June the temperatures can rise to the upper 70F and sometimes as we get closer to July can reach well into the upper 80F.

July is hot but dry. However reaching 90F is not unusual. Contrarily to the humid weather in Atlanta, I can honestly say, even if the temperature gauge reaches 90F, the weather is bearable.
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Provence and Lavender
Monday, 13 August 2012
When talking about Provence the mind may wander to blue skies, sunflowers, lavender plants, Chateauneuf du Pape wine, wonderful cuisine. These are only a few of the attributes to that blessed corner of France.

In this article I would like to concentrate on lavender.   This aromatic plant, which goes hand in hand with Vaucluse, blooms from the end of June till the beginning of August, depending where you are, in the area in the valley around Sault (Mount Ventoux region) or in the hills near Saignon ( not far from Apt) In the valley, where it is hotter, the lavender usually loses its vivid color by the end of July whereas in the hills, where the air is slightly cooler,  one may be lucky to enjoy this colorful plant until mid August. 

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Gardens in Provence
Wednesday, 16 May 2012
Spring has arrived in Provence. The white blossom of the cherry or apple tree has turned into young green. No matter where the road takes you, through quaint country road, villages or high ways, the sweet color of Provence once again has become alive. Plantanes, the wonderful tree so vivid and beautiful throughout the area, especially on the road to St. Remy de Provence (Bouches du Rhone), form a natural arch of beauty and protection from the sun. Vines seem to have woken after their long winter sleep and are starting to sprout only to become a heaven of grapes for wine lovers as the season develops. When visiting the many markets the vivid colors of begonias, geraniums, petunias and so many other flowers dominate the scene. What a joy to be in Provence once again! Lavender plants seem to fill out and the sign of them once again becoming a tapestry of color are becoming evident.

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Canyons in Provence
Friday, 20 April 2012
When talking about canyons one’s thought turn immediately to the immensely impressive American Grand Canyon which surely must span the crown when we refer to natural wonders of this kind.

Having made this statement, Canyons or as they are called Gorges in France, should not be ignored when referring to Southern France.
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More gourmandize in Provence
Friday, 02 March 2012

As you are invited to a chocolate and wine tasting evening at the Alliance Francaise in Atlanta on February 24th, I decided to write one more article on items which may tickle the palate whilst forgetting any calories that may be involved!

You may be surprised that in the little, charming village of Robion in the Vaucluse you find a business where the production of Jam is an important industry. This is not surprising when one visits this lovely corner of Vaucluse. Orchards are plentiful. Whether we refer to cherry, peach, strawberry, apricot or melon, all of them grow in the area. Jam here is made in the traditional way with great care. Nearby Cavaillon in particularly is famous for its wonderful cantaloupe melon.

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Bouches du Rhone: The mouth of the (mighty river) Rhone
Thursday, 02 February 2012
The Bouches du Rhone is one of the 5 departments which form Provence. It was created during the French Revolution in 1790. As its name indicates ‘the mouth of the river Rhone’ can be found in its most southerly corner called Camargue. A separate article dedicated to la Camargue will follow soon.
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Sunday, 29 January 2012
With the upcoming FACC evening to the Theatre du Reve in Atlanta (February 3rd) let’s turn to the ‘ESTIVAL’ season which take place each year throughout France. The season of festivals starts on June 21st when the entire country is celebrating the beginning of summer with the Fete de la Musique. It does not matter where in France you are, being it a small hamlet or a large town, music and dancing is on the menu on that very day. A day, which sometimes ends with an impressive firework display.
In the forthcoming months I will write a number of articles which feature the festival to take place in various departments in Provence. On this occasion I would like to draw your attention to the festivities in Vaucluse.
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Mont Ventoux
Monday, 02 January 2012
Whether you arrive in South Western Provence by train, plane or car, the Mont Ventoux can be seen from every direction. According to legends, the name Ventoux may be the result of the Gaullist believes that the God Ven-Top, or snowy peak, lived on top of the mountain. Around 10 centuries ago, the word Mons Ventosus appears which, during the centuries, changed to Mount Ventoux which is the current name of this mountain. At its limestone covered summit, which rises 6000 feet above sea level, strong winds can be fierce and make the air pleasantly cool especially during hot summer days. Hence the word Ventoux (du Vent means Wind) is a very appropriate name for this attractive mountain which dominates over the region. So whenever you intend to make a day of it to visit Mount Ventoux, being summer or winter, spring or fall, I suggest you take with you a jacket as even with the sun shining brightly, once you arrive on top, you may be met by this fierce cool wind, so be prepared.
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Christmas, Santons, Concerts and Truffles in Provence
Thursday, 22 December 2011
Christmas time in Provence is certainly a different experience, more than any other time of the year.  Yes, it is so much quieter than usual but this does not mean that there is nothing to do or see.  Far from it.

Many towns and villages proudly show off their Santon village during the Christmas period. Santons, or little saints, are small terracotta figurines, they are hand painted. The traditional Provencal crèches usually represents many different characteristics of life in a Provencal village. The figures which represent the various trades can be up to 55 santons in one crèche.  Santonniers, artists who produce these lovely figurines, can be found all over the Provence but its real center is in Aubagne, in the department of Var. It is there where during the Christmas period the annual two day fair known as “Fair des santonniers” takes place.   Today Santons have become kind of a collector’s item.
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The magic of colors in Provence
Sunday, 11 December 2011
The intense color of the true Provencal blue sky is a dominant feature in Southern France.  The constant change of light makes the sky look magical at any time of the day.
Is it therefore not surprising that some of the most well known impressionist painters were attracted to Provence,  which forms one of France’s ’22 regions’.
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Animals in Provence
Thursday, 21 February 2008
The French are known for their kindness to our four legged friend. Especially dogs have caught their eye. It is therefore not unusual to see ‘Masters’ accompany their ‘Dogs’ into a restaurant or even into a hotel, from tourist class to 5 star properties. France is generally an animal friendly country, much to the delight of the community of ‘two legged’ animal lovers.
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Markets.. Velleron and its charm!
Friday, 21 December 2007

Velleron is a lovely little town situated not far from Mont Ventoux of which the summit is visible from afar as it reaches 6000 feet. Mont Ventoux is the highest mountain in the region. On a clear day, from its summit, the panorama around is stupendous. It has been known that one can see as far as the Haut Savoie and Centre Massif.

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